Lesson Planning and UDL:

2009 U.S. Innovative Teachers Network: Columbus East High School, Columbus, IN from Carrie Hipsher on Vimeo.

Sites Providing Information for Lesson Planning and UDL

1) Parent Brief: Universal Design for Learning and the Transition to a More Challenging Academic Curriculum: Making it in Middle School and Beyond http://www.ncset.org/publications/printresource.asp?id=2165

2) Dr. Shank's This and That: Universal Design for Learning http://pages.suddenlink.net/drshankweb/index_files/Page1318.htm

3) Cast UDL Lesson Builder: http://lessonbuilder.cast.org/explore.php

Schools in the Spotlight With UDL

1) Barthelomeow Consolidated School Corporation, IN in the Spotlight with CAST


2) Loudoun County School District - Virginia

Loudoun County and UDL

3) North Shore School District - Massachusetts and Virtual Reality Simulations

Virtual Reality and Simulation Connections

UDL Networks, Four Pillars of Curriculum and Lesson Planning

When constructing a lesson, consider the four pillars of curriculum: goals/objectives, materials, methods and assessment, in combination with the three UDL networks: recognition, strategic, and affective. (Sabia and Mandlawitz, 2010)

1) Curriculum Concerns and Lesson Planning

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2) Considerations for Lesson Planning


3) Another checklist to assure inclusion of UDL from the onset of lesson planning:

Provided by T/TAC ODU

Additional Resources for Lesson Planning

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Curriculum Planning and Delivery

Lesson Delivery and UDL:


Academic Clubs to Teach History at the Lab School in DC