Guidance regarding alignment to grade level content standards, FAPE, and IEPs from the US Department of Education's Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services (November 16, 2015).

Standards-Based IEP Training Resources (October 20, 2015)

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Cathy Buyrn
Susan Jones

This is the training powerpoint used on October 20, 2015. Please download it and save it to your computer for editing and use.

Vertical Standards Resources

PALS Plus K-8 VA SOL Tables for basic reading skills
VA SOL K-3 English Achievement Record (Not used during the training)
Reading Comprehension Skills Progression K-12
Grammar Skills Progression K-12 (Not used during the training)
Writing Skills Progression K-12 (Not used during the training)
Research Skills Progression K-12 (Not used during the training)
This vertical articulation document includes VA Math SOL for grades K-8
Additional VA Math SOL Vertical Articulation Documents and resources can be found at

Table of Specifications Unpacking Standards Resources

Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Verbs
Webb's Depth of Knowledge & Bloom's Taxonomy Matrix
Grade 8 English Reading Summarization Table of Specifications
Grade 8 English Word Origins Table of Specifications
Blank English Table of Specifications Document
Grade 8 8.3a Math Computation & Estimation Table of Specifications
Blank Math Table of Specifications

Present Level of Performance Resources

Questions to consider when developing a PLOP
Acquiring Data for the PLoP Worksheet (Not used during the training)

Goal Development Resources

Color coded SBIEP Goal Development Handout Linking Vertical Skills
Blank SBIEP Goal Development Worksheet Word Document
Blank SBIEP Goal Development Worksheet PDF Document
Sample VDOE English Reading SBIEP Goals Linked to Ideas for Instruction (Not used during the training)
Sample VDOE Math SBIEP Goals Linked to Ideas for Instruction (Not used during the training)
IEP Goal Development Worksheet Linking PLOP, VA SOL, Time Frame, Conditions, Behavior, Criterion (Not used during the training)

The resources below were not used during the October 20, 2015 training, but may be useful as you move forward with standards-based iep development, standards-driven universal design for learning, and standards-based specially designed instruction.

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Standards-Based Skill Worksheets (for IEP development)

The foundation of Universal Design for Learning is the fact that resources and approaches that can be used to support students with disabilities can be implemented to benefit all students. The Virginia Department of Education has developed a number of resources for special education teachers to help them craft Standards-Based IEPs. These tools can be accessed at:

Tiered Skill Worksheets for K-5 English & Mathematics (for Tiered Systems of Support)

The Standards-Based Skill Worksheets developed to support IEP development have been used to create tools for analyzing standards performance in Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. These documents will help general educators and special educators prioritize standards when the data indicates that a fundamental redesign of instruction in Tier 1 is necessary.